Training in the Solution-focused approach and in post-traumatic growth

Our training, conferences, and supervision can be offered online on request.

Solution-focused schools 

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Solution focused brief approach: level 1

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Solution focused brief approach: level 2

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Using the Solution-focused approach with youth

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Depression and recovery: fostering sustainable solutions

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Grief and trauma: promoting post-traumatic growth

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Anxiety disorders: fostering sustainable solutions

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Material and resources for the general public

Resilient grieving: easier on the HEARTS of the bereaved
Information to help people who are grieving
HEARTS Resilient grieving.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 126.2 KB
AFTER a trauma, imagining post- traumatic growth instils hope
Information to help people who have experienced a traumatic event
AFTER a trauma.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 56.3 KB
How to pick yourself up after a setback
A tool for men and for their friends and family
How to Pick Yourself Up After a Setback.
Document Adobe Acrobat 1.1 MB
Helping someone who has experienced trauma or loss
A document written for clients or the general public that covers how to help someone who has experienced trauma or loss.
Helping someone with trauma or loss.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 421.8 KB

Material and resources for teachers and schools

Kids'Skills Program

Kids' Skills is a solution-focused program to help children 4 years of age and older learn new skills and overcome social, behavioral, and emotional challenges. The program was developed by Dr. Ben Furman at the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute and is used in schools and other organizations around the world.


Our Kids' Skills training is intended for practitioners who work with children (psychologists, social workers, psychoeducators, special education technicians, etc.) and it can be adapted for elementary school teaching staff and principals. For more information, visit


Solution-focused Teacher Material
Free printables for elementary and high schools
SF Teacher material.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 7.8 MB

Paper fortune-teller games to play with children

Once upon a time
Elizabeth had difficulty speaking. She was afraid of making a mistake, of being a bother. Everything changed when she realized her dad was scared too. Elizabeth decided to practice, just once. But just once is sometimes enough to change the whole story.
Once upon a time.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 15.1 MB
The Little Star
The little star was very sad not to be as bright as the others. The star fairy helped her find her place by showing her what was missing in the sky when she wasn't there.
The Little Star.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 7.4 MB
Who do you think you are?
When the Monster came to visit her, the little girl let him sleep in her bed. Monsters usually don't like to be taken by surprise, and this one is no different. Imagine its reaction when the little girl found the courage to answer its question.
Who do you think you are.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 12.2 MB

Material and resources for therapists and practitioners

Solution focused therapy manual for working with individuals
SFBT Revised Treatment Manual 2013.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 252.7 KB
Solution-focused brief therapy: Illustrations of the major principles and techniques
SFBT guide.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 6.5 MB
Good practices for working with men
The Men's toolbox project was developed under the direction of Janie Houle, Ph.D., professor in the psychology department of the University of Quebec in Montreal and of the Vitalité Laboratory. It is part of the implementation of regional and local action plans for men's health and well-being.
Good Practices for Working with Men.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 2.5 MB
HEARTS & AFTER: Guides and material
Practitioner's guide: Resilient grieving and post-traumatic growth (includes material for clients)
HEARTS & AFTER Guides and material.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 290.6 KB
Can you see?
Can you see?.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 386.1 KB
Solution-focused conversations in schools after a crisis
This document was written to help teachers lead solution-focused conversations in schools following a crisis or other difficult event.
SF conversations in schools after a cris
Document Adobe Acrobat 62.5 KB

Simply Focus Podcast

Journal of Solution Focused Practices (peer-reviewed journal / free download)

SF24 - Building hope, empowering change

Presentation: Fostering resilience and post- traumatic growth

Document: AFTER a trauma

Solution Focused World Conference

Presentation: For traditional men, SFBT fits like a glove- a work glove 

 Checklist: 10 practices to do what works for boys and men


SFBTA Annual conference with Heather Fiske, 2016

Presentation: Fostering hope: solution focused stories about suicide prevention


About us

Brigitte Lavoie has been a psychologist since 1989. She has taken, developed, and given training in brief therapy and crisis intervention for more than 20 years. Although best known for her work in suicide prevention in Quebec, she began her career in school psychology in New Brunswick and has been a consultant for several employee assistance programs. Her career has included work as a psychotherapist, clinical consultant, supervisor, and manager and this has allowed her to understand and focus on the challenges of implementing and sustaining change in organizations. She has devoted her career to contributing to the improvement of mental health services. She is known for her passion for storytelling, her respect for clients, and her determination to improve services while protecting the wellbeing of mental health professionals as well as their clients. Lavoie has presented at conferences in Canada, the US, and Europe. Her training programs focus on competency building and concrete tools for clinicians.


Sharon Casey has a background in teaching and adult education. Since 2009, she has trained nearly 1,500 practitioners and gatekeepers in suicide prevention in educational settings and health and social services agencies, in the private sector, and in non-profit organizations. In particular, she has trained professionals in the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services program Best practices in suicide intervention. She has also taught students with personal and academic difficulties (e.g. new immigrants, youth and adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems) and adolescents and young adults in drug rehabilitation centres. Sharon has a particular interest in the adaptation of services to better reach men and boys, and in reaching populations in the context of social inequalities. Her interests and convictions have led her to develop an expertise in the solution-focused approach. Her goal is to promote the application of this approach in educational settings. She is a trainer who is focused on creating the best conditions for learning and she is recognized for her ability to transmit serious and sensitive ideas with a touch of humour.